Computers Are Vulnerable

Here's one of the images I promised from the Shopfront exhibition I had a little while ago. This was one of the many things said to me on Wednesday and now serves as a reminder to Caelli Jo Brooker's Mac of its mortality and inevitable demise! Thanks for the scan Caelli!

'Are You Kitten Me?' screen prints

Same deal as the raccoon, these kitties were screenprinted and handcoloured with watercolours. I might draw a few more, I started with the cat and raccoon as Ive been drawing the animal inhabitants of Grey Gardens. Next I think I'll move onto the fleas. Id also like to do some of the Edies and their costumes and icecreams!

'I Eat Cat Chow' Screen Prints

Here are some images of the final screenprints I created using the raccoon drawing I posted a little while ago. Ive been really lazy and boring with my blog lately but Ill make a conscious effort to be a bit more interesting and add some new things for all of my loyal readers... In my defence, I have a variety of excuses including; my computer has some dumb virus so whenever I use it I say grrr all the time and go watch a movie instead, no one reads this anyways and also I keep falling asleep.

She Doesn't Live Here Anymore & When There Were Three

These are photographs of two paste ups I did at Arthive. They are in the Stairwell as you walk in and you really should walk in soon and check them out because the current show by Mike Foxall is, well,  pure molten art gold!

Cyclamen and Wild Violets-

Every boy, Always, Always

Here are some of the images I promised from my little exhibition at Shopfront Gallery. Ive made them into screenprints and printed them on lots of different things! These are the first ones I did on fancy gold paper! How fancy! More to come veeeeery soon!

We Belong In The Sea

Here's some sea aminals I drew and fashioned into attractive brooches! Available in everyones favourite colours; red, purple and pink, these creatures can make you feel brave, sassy and most importantly, KEWL for the small sum of $5.
They are also super soft so you wont go stabbing friends and lovers when you smash your bodies together.


Why Wednesday?

This is an image of some drawings I exhibited recently at Shop Front Gallery as a part of the This Is Not Art festival. You can see a few more here or you can wait until I find time to scan them all and put them on this here blog/mess. It was a last minute exhibition and I found myself with only one day (Wednesday) to get them done. Everything I do is generally pretty rushed anyhow so this really isnt that different I guess..

Are You Kitten Me?!'s a kitty friend! Same deal as Sir Raccoon..He's going to be all over things very soon. Hmm.. what colour should he be?

I Eat Cat Chow

Here's a raccoon friend I just finished. Look out for him on some new Grey Gardens treats that will be available at the This Is Not Art Sunday Fair on 3rd October! 


This is Rose and I. Sometimes we play 'Grey Gardens.' This means we make big plans, drink copious amounts of tea and create spectacular handmade and handprinted things like letter sets and brooches and tea towels and clothes. Together we also run an artist market called 'Young & Baroque' and our latest creation is a blog! How exciting. Now you can follow us on our radventures right here! 
OH! These photographs were taken by Jayde Nicholls. You should totally check her out! She's a babe.

He Must Have Reached It

This is a boy. I just finished painting him. One day soon he may come alive. He will also be hanging at Suspension coffee shop on Beaumont street, Hamilton from Thursday 16th September, as a part of the INTO DARK exhibition. There's lots of other rad people in it too, you should come have a look!

“He must have reached it,” said Lily Briscoe aloud, feeling suddenly completely tired out. For the Lighthouse had become almost invisible, had melted away into a blue haze, and the effort of looking at it and the effort of thinking of him landing there, which both seemed to be one and the same effort, had stretched her body and mind to the utmost. Ah, but she was relieved. Whatever she had wanted to give him, when he left her that morning, she had given him at last.

Thick Mosquito Sky

Here's a screenprint I created for the super awesome band, Crab Smasher.  You can get your paws on a very limited edition tape featuring this cover, plus a tape, all conveniently packaged in a plastic box right here.  

Two Landing Craft Tank Men Woo A Pretty Girl Back Home

This is the first painting I completed for a little series I hope to finish, concerned with people who have lighthouses as teeth. I'm currently half way through this here fine ladies' lover. If you wanna see her for real you should go into Vox Cyclops, as she is hanging about there on the wall. ps. this photo isnt that great, Ill get a better one soon.

Bedtime Batman

I drew this Batman so i could make it into a screenprint on some pillowcases as a super present. I also thought that Batman would probably see quite a few stars when he's getting about during the night hours.. And that is why I put this into Illustration Friday for this week. I'll put a photograph up of the printed pillow aswell as another pillow with The Phantom on it when I get a chance slash camera.

You're An Unrescuable Schizo

This is a postcard I drew on for the Secret Santa show at Arthive last year. I spilt some tea on it at the time but I dont think you can really tell.

Prussian Blue

Here's a drawing of the white nationalist, Aryan cuties, Prussian Blue. Apparently, they have grown up and Lynx is pretty mean to Lamb. This makes me sad. Anyhow, Prussian Blue hits include: 'Strike Force, White Survival' and 'Your Daddy,' you should listen to them over dinner tonight.