Fluffy cat with Monstera Deliciosa leaves, watercolour on paper.
Prints, tote bags and t-shirts are available from my Society6 now.Postcard prints and limited edition framed prints will be available from select places (including my etsy) very, very soon.


Australian cattle dog with eucalyptus, watercolour drawing on paper.
Prints and t-shirts are available from my Society6 now.
Postcard prints and limited edition framed prints will be available from select places (including my etsy) very very soon.

'Hi Steve'

Here's a quick little picture of the majestic prince, Stephen. 
In the year since our last portrait, Stephen and I have made little to no progress in the love department. I've fed him heaps of times, patted him in appropriate and enjoyable areas and given him time alone but still he chooses to mostly reject my undying affection. 
Not gonna give up. 

'It's Chocolate, It's Mint, It's Delicious'

'If People Would Only Look To The Cookie, All Our Problems Would Be Solved'

'These Pretzels Are Makin' Me Thirsty'


Painting of a Twix from 2011 that I just realised I neglected to scan. This is from a little series of paintings for Arthive's Seinfeld themed exhibition, 'Art Vandelay.' Expect to see b&w cookies, pretzels and Junior Mints in the near future!

 Gimme a Twix!

Draw Off #84

This weeks challenge topic was Wonder Woman! I was initially totally excited to draw this one but then time slipped away and I realised the week was almost over and all I had drawn were some black pants with pentagrams on them.
After contemplating giving up I pulled myself together and managed to add a body and head and there you have it, Wonder Woman! Not totally happy with this one but I wont go into that because its boring. Instead I'll tell you some cool things I was thinking about when drawing it! Ok so... I've been thinking about Cher and how amazingly good she is and also how much I love the movie, Mermaids. If you're unfamiliar with the film, Cher plays an unconventional, single mum to two daughters- Wino and baby Christina Ricci, growing up in the 1960's. NB. Also features Bob Hoskins. I figured Cher is a Wonder Woman and that I should draw a picture more influenced by her powerful self than anything else really. I didn't really wanna try to make the face look like Cher because she has a crazy wrinkle-less appearance and everything I draw is covered in sleepy lines and grumpy wrinkles, but I 100% tried to illustrate her out-of-control-super-dooper-good hair!

Draw off #83

This weeks OzComics challenge topic was The Joker! LOL.

Get Yourself A Poodle

It's Sophia Petrillo from popular television series, The Golden Girls!

Draw Off #82

This is a quick Magneto drawing I whipped up the other night whilst everyone else in my house was asleep. Cool things about Magneto are summarised as follows..

-Sometimes bad
-Sometimes good


2013 Calendar

Just finished working on a calendar for 2013! A limited run of these guys will be available to buy at the Summer Art Bazaar in Civic Park, Newcastle on December 1st!  Grant and I intend on selling a whole heap of our original artwork including drawings, paintings, sculpture, prints and wearable things so make sure you come visit! Promise not everything will be sickeningly cute looking. Oh, Market starts at 9am! SEEE YAA.

Smellin' Of Troy

Arthive's acclaimed Simpsons tribute exhibition, 'This Is Not Bart: Money's 2 Tight For Steak' opened just last week and it is pretty much the best thing ever. This year we had a plethora of fantastic entries from over 30 artists so I highly recommend getting along to the gallery during the month of October to check it all out. This year I created a little shrine of sorts to the incomparable, Troy Mclure.
 Shrine photograph by Kate Burton

Power Up News!

If you missed the spectacular opening or you're unable to attend the Power Up! exhibition currently on at ARThive, you can pop over HERE to the ABC Newcastle site and have a listen to a fantastic interview featuring superstars Grant Hunter and Tony Push discussing this amazing exhibition with Maynard. There's a few images to have a look at too, including a shot of one of my super shiny paintings.
It's a really fun show and I'm totally proud to be a part of it. Try your best to come see it, you won't be disappointed!
Oh! On an unrelated note, Im going to be selling some postcard sets at the Darby St Twilight Festival Bohemia this Saturday afternoon/night alongside Dolleyes and Lilac & Snow as a part of the Blackbird Corner stall! COME VISIT!

Below: 'Mario Mario' and The Mermaids at the Power Up! opening xx

Power Up!

Another new exhibition at Arthive opens this Sunday and this time its inspired by compu pu pu pu pu pu pu pu computer games! I'm currently in the process of doing some small and shiny character paintings- I'll post 'em when I'm done. 
It will be ARThive's first massively multiplayer art exhibition themed around video games and game culture and we've assembled an incredible group of local artists paying tribute to their favourite games, characters, and consoles.
Opening reception from 2pm Sunday August 5 with special live music performances by experimental electronica groups MEN64 and THE MERMAIDS, and a highly competitive MARIO KART 64 tournament. If you can't make it, the exhibition will continue through August so there's plenty of chance to get in and check out the show during regular gallery opening hours.

Ben Mitchell
Shana Dennis
Butch Moon
Jessica Louttit
Ben Kennedy
Mike Foxall
Amanda Reeves
Daniel Smith
Marika Mihan
Sarah Mould
Lu Quade
Grant Hunter
Kate Burton
Daniel Purvis
Stu McDonald
Smella Catshine
April Cotton
Adam Blake
Ben Smith
Effie Dee
+ maybe more!!!

Here's a super good gameboy inspired painting by OX to get you in the mood.

But Who Will Feed Our Lizard Babies!?

Good news! My man friend and I will be exhibiting some of our new paintings at the lovely Terrarium Gallery this Thursday. If you're in the area, why not pop in, say hello and drink some soda?
Expect meditations on love, junk food, batman, weather conditions, idols and birth defects coupled with explorations of life, death and rebirth meticulously reflected within large scale, mixed media paintings, prints and Dr Pepper. x