'Are You Kitten Me?' screen prints

Same deal as the raccoon, these kitties were screenprinted and handcoloured with watercolours. I might draw a few more, I started with the cat and raccoon as Ive been drawing the animal inhabitants of Grey Gardens. Next I think I'll move onto the fleas. Id also like to do some of the Edies and their costumes and icecreams!

'I Eat Cat Chow' Screen Prints

Here are some images of the final screenprints I created using the raccoon drawing I posted a little while ago. Ive been really lazy and boring with my blog lately but Ill make a conscious effort to be a bit more interesting and add some new things for all of my loyal readers... In my defence, I have a variety of excuses including; my computer has some dumb virus so whenever I use it I say grrr all the time and go watch a movie instead, no one reads this anyways and also I keep falling asleep.

She Doesn't Live Here Anymore & When There Were Three

These are photographs of two paste ups I did at Arthive. They are in the Stairwell as you walk in and you really should walk in soon and check them out because the current show by Mike Foxall is, well,  pure molten art gold!

Cyclamen and Wild Violets-

Every boy, Always, Always

Here are some of the images I promised from my little exhibition at Shopfront Gallery. Ive made them into screenprints and printed them on lots of different things! These are the first ones I did on fancy gold paper! How fancy! More to come veeeeery soon!