And Her Head Has No Room..

Hand Coloured screen print from January, 2010. This one is about losing everything, wearing t-shirts and feeling weird. I recall doing the drawing whilst watching the babe fest that is, Personal Velocity and feeling annoyed. I haven't had a photograph of it until now, and it is too big to scan, so although this is not a great photograph it will suffice for now. It's also totally for sale. So you should buy it! Then I can get a DSLR again and take photographs of every piece of artwork me and everyone around me has and will ever create. Ever.


I projected some drawings onto the bodies of my friends and photographed them. This is what they looked like. Thanks for being awesome Eva, Jayde and Grant! 
Sometimes.. I wish Wesley Willis was alive and lived in Newcastle and had an exhibition at ARThive. Maybe he'd get really bored though. Stop being boring Newcastle.