Power Up News!

If you missed the spectacular opening or you're unable to attend the Power Up! exhibition currently on at ARThive, you can pop over HERE to the ABC Newcastle site and have a listen to a fantastic interview featuring superstars Grant Hunter and Tony Push discussing this amazing exhibition with Maynard. There's a few images to have a look at too, including a shot of one of my super shiny paintings.
It's a really fun show and I'm totally proud to be a part of it. Try your best to come see it, you won't be disappointed!
Oh! On an unrelated note, Im going to be selling some postcard sets at the Darby St Twilight Festival Bohemia this Saturday afternoon/night alongside Dolleyes and Lilac & Snow as a part of the Blackbird Corner stall! COME VISIT!

Below: 'Mario Mario' and The Mermaids at the Power Up! opening xx