Here's a drawing I just finished of Austria's favourite dad, Josef Fritzl.
Thanks to Josef, I met my life partner, Rose Turner and discovered my favourite biscuits in the whole world!

She Likes To Stare and Never Thinks About Tooth Related Metaphors

Today I had the day off so I cleaned up the desk in our bedroom and decided to throw out all of the old pens and textas that no longer work. I set about checking which ones were destined for the bin and ended up drawing a little scribble of my kitten friend, Amy . (Yes I'm heaps lame/ Frank Grimes/ 90years old) NB. I also went to a church sale.
Anyway, this is what it looks like. I played around with it on the computer a little bit because I have a magic pen that can do that sort of thing. It kinda turned into a blurred mess of colour but that's ok!


This is another print from the 'Why Wednesday?' slash 'Every Boy Always, Always' seriessss of drawings slash screen prints I created last year.
I've been meaning to upload this for ages but most of the time Id rather watch movies and hang out with the awesome cat and boy I live with. Here it is anyway.. I think its some kind of happy skull face day dreaming about rockets, love and the number seven or something.
This one is available to buy in print form from my Society6 shoppe too!