Are You Kitten Me?!'s a kitty friend! Same deal as Sir Raccoon..He's going to be all over things very soon. Hmm.. what colour should he be?

I Eat Cat Chow

Here's a raccoon friend I just finished. Look out for him on some new Grey Gardens treats that will be available at the This Is Not Art Sunday Fair on 3rd October! 


This is Rose and I. Sometimes we play 'Grey Gardens.' This means we make big plans, drink copious amounts of tea and create spectacular handmade and handprinted things like letter sets and brooches and tea towels and clothes. Together we also run an artist market called 'Young & Baroque' and our latest creation is a blog! How exciting. Now you can follow us on our radventures right here! 
OH! These photographs were taken by Jayde Nicholls. You should totally check her out! She's a babe.

He Must Have Reached It

This is a boy. I just finished painting him. One day soon he may come alive. He will also be hanging at Suspension coffee shop on Beaumont street, Hamilton from Thursday 16th September, as a part of the INTO DARK exhibition. There's lots of other rad people in it too, you should come have a look!

“He must have reached it,” said Lily Briscoe aloud, feeling suddenly completely tired out. For the Lighthouse had become almost invisible, had melted away into a blue haze, and the effort of looking at it and the effort of thinking of him landing there, which both seemed to be one and the same effort, had stretched her body and mind to the utmost. Ah, but she was relieved. Whatever she had wanted to give him, when he left her that morning, she had given him at last.