'Hi Steve'

Here's a quick little picture of the majestic prince, Stephen. 
In the year since our last portrait, Stephen and I have made little to no progress in the love department. I've fed him heaps of times, patted him in appropriate and enjoyable areas and given him time alone but still he chooses to mostly reject my undying affection. 
Not gonna give up. 

'It's Chocolate, It's Mint, It's Delicious'

'If People Would Only Look To The Cookie, All Our Problems Would Be Solved'

'These Pretzels Are Makin' Me Thirsty'


Painting of a Twix from 2011 that I just realised I neglected to scan. This is from a little series of paintings for Arthive's Seinfeld themed exhibition, 'Art Vandelay.' Expect to see b&w cookies, pretzels and Junior Mints in the near future!

 Gimme a Twix!

Draw Off #84

This weeks challenge topic was Wonder Woman! I was initially totally excited to draw this one but then time slipped away and I realised the week was almost over and all I had drawn were some black pants with pentagrams on them.
After contemplating giving up I pulled myself together and managed to add a body and head and there you have it, Wonder Woman! Not totally happy with this one but I wont go into that because its boring. Instead I'll tell you some cool things I was thinking about when drawing it! Ok so... I've been thinking about Cher and how amazingly good she is and also how much I love the movie, Mermaids. If you're unfamiliar with the film, Cher plays an unconventional, single mum to two daughters- Wino and baby Christina Ricci, growing up in the 1960's. NB. Also features Bob Hoskins. I figured Cher is a Wonder Woman and that I should draw a picture more influenced by her powerful self than anything else really. I didn't really wanna try to make the face look like Cher because she has a crazy wrinkle-less appearance and everything I draw is covered in sleepy lines and grumpy wrinkles, but I 100% tried to illustrate her out-of-control-super-dooper-good hair!