Exhibition History


Why Wednesday?, Shopfront Gallery, Newcastle, 2010


Guts, Sarah Mould and Grant Hunter, The Emporium, Newcastle, 2013

But Who Will Feed Our Lizard Babies? Sarah Mould and Grant Hunter, Terrarium Gallery, Wollongong, 2012


This Is Not Bart: Money's 2 Tight For Steak, Arthive Gallery, 2012

Power Up, Arthive Gallery, Newcastle, 2012

Afternoon Delights, The Supper Club, Newcastle, 2012

Are You Kitten Me? Arthive Gallery, Newcastle, 2012

This Is Not Bart, Arthive Gallery, Newcastle 2011

Drawing Time, Gaffa Gallery, Sydney 2011

Look See 2011, Watt Space Gallery, Newcastle, 2011

Happily Ever After- Artist Book Exhibition, John Paynter Gallery, Newcastle 2011

Art Vandelay- An Exhibition About Nothing, Arthive Gallery, Newcastle 2011

Alternate Woodland Critter Evolution Fan Fiction, Newcastle 2011

Looking Forward, Wattspace Gallery, Newcastle 2010

Sticky Fingers, Arthive Gallery, Newcastle, 2010

Into Dark, Suspension Cafe, Hamilton, 2010

Untitled, Vox Cyclops, Newcastle 2010

We're Turning One!!, Arthive Gallery, Newcastle 2010

Grab A Coaster Exhibition, PODspace Gallery, Newcastle 2010

Modest, Suspension Cafe, Hamilton 2010

Photomedia Mayhem, Arthive Gallery, Newcastle 2010

Plate Up- Contemporary Printmakers, Wattspace Gallery, Newcastle 2010

Secret Santa, Arthive Gallery, Newcastle 2009

Feral, Wattspace Gallery, Newcastle 2009

That’s The Business, TAFE Gallery, Newcastle 2006