Memo To Myself

I came up with this rabbit creature last year for an exhibition I curated entitled 'Sticky Fingers.'  It happened at the same time as This Is Not Art, so lets say I did it in September 2010.
Also around this time I was really obsessed with the idea of getting a pet rabbit and all I could think about were rabbits, placing bids on rabbit mansions at The Tender Centre and obtaining a rabbit of my own. I had my heart set on getting an amazing brown Rex rabbit named Rambo (featured in the photograph below) who had exquisite fur and a rare condition causing his head to tilt sideways at all times. All in all, he appeared to be a bundle of fantastic and I would have totally loved having him around. Obviously I wasn't the only person who felt this way and he found another home one day whilst I was doing something other than acquiring rad pets.
Rambo now belongs to a stranger so sadly I'll never get to see him but, my drawing belongs to my friend, Sarah, so I get to see that whenever I visit her. 

People Need Dramatic Examples

I drew this in my boyfriend's sketchbook a while ago and found it today. It's quite obviously a variation on my standard t-shirt wearing boy/girl. This time he features blue lips and a big lemon yellow eye. Hooray!