Half Hollenback

This is the painting I came up with for the 'Alternate Woodland Critter Evolution Fan Fiction' exhibition curated by my buddy Logan Knight, a little while ago. Along with the artwork, each artist was required to write a short story (see below) I sold this work last week at the Art & Design Market in sunny Wollongong and so it shall be frightening small children from the walls of the delightful Mia's house forever more. Mia also had a stall at the market that was much less offensive than ours so be sure to check out her lovely blog HERE.

A word from the rabbit:

I guess I started to collect teeth because I liked the sound they would make when I gently disturbed them in their glass jar.
Holding each one up to the light, I visualise its internal anatomy.  All those tiny nerves- fragile, feathery tendrils.  The root canals- vessels that lay deep within the tooth, all hiding under the shiny shell like passage ways to dark, secret places.
I bury them all underneath the forest floor in labeled jars.
I dig the damp soil with my new claws. I treat it like a personal underground Wunderkamer. There’s a collection down there. 
My new signs of evolution- the fur, teeth and claws are all telling me I will soon be living in dark tunnels for good.  
I won’t need t-shirts anymore.

I took some photos of cats

My buddy Jayde gave me a super pretty Holga for my birthday last year because my digital SLR fell off a cliff and died and I kept sulking about not being able to take photographs of anything. I was so happy when I opened the present I nearly cried. Sadly, there is not a photo of this.
Anyway, now I have a camera so I can take photographs all day and night (I just purchased a flash) if I want to, so suck eggs.
Here are some photographs from my first roll of film.