Thick Mosquito Sky

Here's a screenprint I created for the super awesome band, Crab Smasher.  You can get your paws on a very limited edition tape featuring this cover, plus a tape, all conveniently packaged in a plastic box right here.  

Two Landing Craft Tank Men Woo A Pretty Girl Back Home

This is the first painting I completed for a little series I hope to finish, concerned with people who have lighthouses as teeth. I'm currently half way through this here fine ladies' lover. If you wanna see her for real you should go into Vox Cyclops, as she is hanging about there on the wall. ps. this photo isnt that great, Ill get a better one soon.

Bedtime Batman

I drew this Batman so i could make it into a screenprint on some pillowcases as a super present. I also thought that Batman would probably see quite a few stars when he's getting about during the night hours.. And that is why I put this into Illustration Friday for this week. I'll put a photograph up of the printed pillow aswell as another pillow with The Phantom on it when I get a chance slash camera.