Draw Off #84

This weeks challenge topic was Wonder Woman! I was initially totally excited to draw this one but then time slipped away and I realised the week was almost over and all I had drawn were some black pants with pentagrams on them.
After contemplating giving up I pulled myself together and managed to add a body and head and there you have it, Wonder Woman! Not totally happy with this one but I wont go into that because its boring. Instead I'll tell you some cool things I was thinking about when drawing it! Ok so... I've been thinking about Cher and how amazingly good she is and also how much I love the movie, Mermaids. If you're unfamiliar with the film, Cher plays an unconventional, single mum to two daughters- Wino and baby Christina Ricci, growing up in the 1960's. NB. Also features Bob Hoskins. I figured Cher is a Wonder Woman and that I should draw a picture more influenced by her powerful self than anything else really. I didn't really wanna try to make the face look like Cher because she has a crazy wrinkle-less appearance and everything I draw is covered in sleepy lines and grumpy wrinkles, but I 100% tried to illustrate her out-of-control-super-dooper-good hair!